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Please be aware that subscriptions to our membership scheme are currently at full capacity. We are therefore unable to take on any new membership schools at this time. 

We will be taking requests for individual bookings submitted by non-membership schools, starting from the dates listed below:

Monday 13th September - (for Autumn 1)

Monday 8th November - (for Autumn 2)

Monday 10th January - (for Spring 1)

Monday 28th February - (for Spring 2)

Monday 25th April - (for Summer 1)

Monday 13th June - (for Summer 2)


Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age & Prehistoric Britain

Ancient World

Romans, Greeks & Egyptians


Costumes & Battle of Flodden


Toys, Washday, Schoolroom, Servant, Homelife & Florence Nightingale

World War I

Home Front, Front Line

World War II

WWII, Evacuees & Battle of Britain

20th Century

Homes & Toys

Local History

Played in Tyne & Wear, Coal Mining, Toon Times, Shopping in the Past and North East History


Rocks & Fossils & Evolution

Additional Topics

Archaeology, Civil War, Compare Old & New, Seaside Holidays, Mystery Objects

Book of Delights

Activity ideas and games for use with your loans box