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Welcome to Boxes of Delight

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums loans box service

Booking a box:

We have 6 fixed points in the year when boxes are delivered. Please book your boxes before the courier deadlines below. If you miss the courier deadline your school will need to make your own arrangements to collect and drop back loans boxes to the museum.

Autumn 1 courier booking deadline:
Friday 1st September
Autumn 2 courier booking deadline:
Friday November 3rd
Spring 1 courier booking deadline: 
Friday 5th Jan
Spring 2 courier booking deadline: 
Friday 16th Feb
Summer 1 courier booking deadline: 
Friday 12th April
Summer 2 courier booking deadline: 
Friday 24th May


Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age & Prehistoric Britain

Ancient World

Romans, Greeks & Egyptians


Tudor Lives Battle of Flodden


Toys, Washday, Schoolroom, Home Life & Florence Nightingale

World War I

Home Front, Front Line

World War II

WWII, Evacuees & Battle of Britain

20th Century

Homes & Toys

Local History

Coal Mining, George and Robert Stephenson, Ship Building, Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead.


Dinosaurs and Fossils, Rocks & Fossils & Evolution

Additional Topics

Archaeology, Civil War, Compare Old & New, Seaside Holidays, Mystery Objects

Book of Delights

Activity ideas and games for use with your loans box

Adult Health and Wellbeing Boxes

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