North East Shopping in the Past

North East Shopping in the Past

Newcastle was one of the first places in the world to have a department store! Explore old high street photos, examine packaging, weights and coins and discover all about our region’s most famous stores and brands!

Grainger Market image

Bainbridge’s receipts (3)

Fenwick Christmas tram bill

Fenwick clothes labels (2)

Fenwick Christmas advert 

Ringtons tea tin

Ringtons tea packet

Co-op dividend stamp book

Shops photographs (7)

Receipts (3)

Personal memories of Mrs Silverside of Newburn

Shopping basket

Paper bag

Good Housekeeping diary and account book

Green shield saver book

Coins (8)

Sterling notes (3)

Spring balance

Pint measure

Oxo tin

De Witts pills bottle

Laxative tablets tin

Borwick’s baking powder tin

Milk tin

Boots Cod liver oil tin


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