Prehistoric Britain

This box contains...

Prehistoric Britain began when the first humans arrived on the British isles and ended with the Roman invasion. Find out all about the history, culture and lifestyle of Prehistoric Britons through real archaeological finds, replicas and resources.

Contents include a selection of Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts from the following list:

Middle Stone Age:

Woolly mammoth bone fragment

Howick round house reconstruction image

Deer antler tine

Hazelnut shells

Barbed point

Starr Carr frontlet image

New Stone Age:


Flint Chisel

Flint Axe head

Flit arrow head



Mortlake bowl fragments

Cup and ring makers imge

Duddo Stone Image

Bronze Age:

Bronze axe head

Beaker pot

Barbed and tanged arrowhead

Gold ring

Leather tunic

Iron Age:

Iron axe head

Iron round house


Fabric and bone needle 

Plants and Fungi:

Hoof fungus


Lime cord

Iron pyrite 

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