Medieval Life

This box contains...


The themes of British medieval industry, religion, diet, health and the monarchy are all covered in this exciting box of real and replica objects. Please note, box contents may vary.

''We used this box as further evidence in an enquiry based learning project on the Middle Ages with Y2. It raised a lot of discussion and questions and stimulated further work''
- King Edward Primary school

Glass vessel
Mixed pottery shards
Leather sample
Urine smelling cube
Leather waist bag
Sheep skin
Blacksmith tongs
Horse shoe
Iron slag waste
Fleur de Lys glazed tile
Black rat
Monk costume
Parchment sample
Seal ring
Pewter pilgrim badge
Tallow candles
Painting of the coronation of Richard II
Gold ring
Edward III groat
Quarter noble coin
Assortment of animal bones
Oats and barley
Medieval book

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