Medieval Life

This box contains...

Imagine everyday life in Medieval England! Taking its inspiration from North East sites and local finds, this fascinating box includes original pottery fragments from Newcastle and replicas of artefacts found in the river below the medieval Elvet Bridge in Durham. 

Towns and Cities:
Bird's eye view of Newcastle
Merchant's seal ring
Bodkin arrowhead
Coins in a pouch
Shoes and leather sample
Durham Cathedral image
Fabric samples, needles and thread

Village life and farming:
Sheepskin and raw wool
Spindle and combed wool
Animal bones
Blacksmith tongs and horse shoe

Monk's costume
Parchment and quill
Monk's seal
Chest key
Hygiene set


Pilgrim's badge
Pilgrim's purse and painting
Pilgrim's ampulla and Gary Bankhead image


Fire strike
Candle holder
Trencher and spoon
Urine pot
Fleur de Lys floor tile
Pottery shards

Fun and Games:

Nine Men's Morris

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