Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Boxes of Delight contain?

Our boxes contain a combination of real and replica objects and may include some costume and archive material. 

Each box includes a contents list, object information and a Book of Delight.

Who can borrow a box?

Any school, group, business and individual in the North East of England can borrow a Box of Delights.

Schools with a 25 mile radius of Discovery Museum can apply for a membership.

How long can I borrow a box for?

Each box can be loaned per half term. When a box is in high demand, we may need to restrict the duration of the loan. 

How much do the boxes cost?

Join our schools membership service for reduced rates and priority booking.

• There are two different membership packages available.

• Subscriptions run from September to July. Schools are invoiced on a rolling membership each year unless they request cancellation or changes to their membership status.



Price per year


Number of boxes


Priority Bookings

Additional box price


Non-members can request a loan on a pay-as-you go basis from Monday 16th September. The current cost to non members is           £85 per box.


Schools within a 25 mile radius of Discovery Museum can join as members.

How do I become a member?

Email us at and we'll send you a payment form to complete. You can then choose some or all of the boxes you'd like to borrow for the academic year.

Alternatively go to our website and find the box you want to borrow, submit an enquiry and we'll send you a payment form. If you want to book more than one box mention the others in 'Additional Needs'.

School with a 25 mile radius of Discovery Museum can become members.

How do I borrow a single box?

Just click on the box you want, submit an enquiry and we'll send you a payment form to complete.

We check all enquiries carefully so will let you know if your school is already a member.

Email us at and we will check our records and get back to you.

When can I book a box?

Member schools can book boxes at any point throughout the year.

We open for general bookings on Monday 16th September.

How do I pay?

If you are a Newcastle Local Authority school then you will be sent an Authorising Journal form.

All other schools, groups, academies and individuals will be sent an Invoice form.

Where do I collect/return the boxes to?

Membership schools: If booked in advance, your boxes will be delivered to/collected from your school via courier. Short notice bookings, please follow the same procedure as non-membership schools.

Non-membership schools: Boxes are to be collected from/returned to Discovery Museum by a member of your school staff. We suggest that you do this by car. Once you have booked your box you will receive a confirmation email with details about how and where to collect your loan.

How much does it cost to park at the museum?

There is a car park directly outside of Discovery Museum and parking is £1 per hour.

What if I damage or lose an object?

Don’t worry, but please let us know as soon as possible, and preferably before the end of your loan period by contacting us on 0191 277 2293.

What kind of activities can I do with a box?

Our Book of Delights, which can be found in each box, contains a wealth of creative ideas for using our objects, including lots of activities and games. 

I have a question, how can I get in touch?

Courier dates and deadlines for members


Autumn 1: w/c 9th Sept - w/c 21st Oct
(Courier booking deadline Tuesday 3rd September) 

Autumn 2: w/c 11th Nov - w/c 16th Dec
(Courier booking deadline - Friday 1st November)

Spring 1: w/c 13th Jan - w/c 17th Feb
(Courier booking deadline - Friday 3rd January)

Spring 2: w/c 10th March - w/c April 7th 
(Courier booking deadline - Friday 23rd February)

Summer 1: w/c 28th April - w/c 19th May
(Courier booking deadline - Friday 18th April)

Summer 2: w/c 9th June - w/c 14th July
(Courier booking deadline - Friday 30th May)

We only have 12 fixed points across the school year for the courier to drop off to/ collect from schools. This lowers our costs and keeps our membership rates low.

If schools make additional courier requests outside of the fixed arrangements, then we are charged extra for every single box and there is an extra administrative cost for us organising the change to the schedule with the courier company, the driver and re-writing orders for our finance team.