Anglo-Saxon Britain

This box contains...

Find out how the Anglo Saxons lived in Britain with this fascinating collection of replica artefacts based on archaeological finds. 

St Cuthbert's Cross

St Bede monk figure

Codex Amiantinus photograph

Stained glass pieces

Lindisfarne Gospels carpet page

Lindisfarne Gospels extract

Anglo-Saxon map of the world

Anglo-Saxon map of the kingdoms of England

Woden head pendant

Runes on antler bone

Stone mould of Thunor's hammer and cross

Antler pottery stamp


Anglo-Saxon chronicles extract

Alfred the Great coin


Man's clothes - undershirt, trousers, belt

Woman's clothes - undershift and tunic, beads, ear spoon

Gilded button brooch

Spindle, whorl and wool

Sickle model

Bone pin, bone needle, bone comb, leather cup and horn spoon

Hnefatafl game board, gaming pieces and leather ball


Beowulf manuscript extract

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People extract 

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