Viking Britain

This box contains...

Britain's Viking Age began in our region with the Danish raids of Lindisfarne in 793. Explore the everyday lives of people in the North at this time with this collection of replicas based on archaeological finds.

Viking Invasion:

Map of North East England
Viking Domesday Stone Image
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Extract 

Crafts and Trade:

Wooden cup
Coin in leather pouch
Leather, wool and wheat

Viking Homes:

Oil lamp
Ear spoon and bone comb
Thor hammer amulet

Viking Childhood:

Handmade toy
Runes on ash wood
Hnefatafl game

Viking Clothes:

Leather shoes (template)
Spindle, wool, bone needle, weaving pattern
Woman's costume (tunic, apron, beads)
Man's costume (tunic, trousers, belt)

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