Roman Wall Teaching and Learning Project

06 March 2024

Join South Tyneside RTC for an exciting educational journey

Unite with five prominent Apple Regional Training Centres (RTCs) for a remarkable, free teaching and learning project centered around the historic Roman Wall.

The project comprises:

Teacher training sessions
Two online courses which will enhance educators' skills and knowledge with innovative technology.

Regional field events
Explore the Roman Wall's rich history up close! Join us at Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort to experience engaging, hands-on learning.

Grand celebration in July
Don't miss the grand finale in Newcastle! In July, we'll bring all participants together for a spectacular celebration of our collaborative journey.

‚ÄčTeacher Training Sessions

Elevate your teaching with Creativity and Innovation
Two dynamic workshops aim to seamlessly integrate technology into classrooms and outdoor learning.

Session 1: Creative Storytelling with iMovie

Unleash the power of storytelling in your classroom through the creative lens of iMovie. In this hands-on session, discover how to harness the full potential of iMovie on iPad to engage and captivate your students.
Thursday 21 March, 4-5.30pm. Online

Session 2: Creating Interactive eBooks with Pages

Step into the realm of digital publishing with our second session focused on creating ePubs using Pages on iPad. Dive into the world of interactive content and personalised learning experiences.
Wednesday 17 April, 4-5.30pm. Online

Teacher Professional Development Day at Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort

Unlock the Power of iPad

Embark on a journey of innovation and creativity at Arbeia Fort's Teacher Professional Development Day! Join us for an immersive and transformative experience where we explore the endless possibilities of utilizing iPads to enhance teaching and learning outside of the classroom. 

Friday 3 May, 10am - 3.30pm 

  • 10am - 12 noon: Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort - Group activities with iPad 
  • 12.30-1pm: Lunch at The Word 
  • 1-3.30pm: iPad workshop session, feedback and presentations

Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort, with its rich history and unique atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop for this exploration into modern teaching methodologies. As we delve into the future of education, let the echoes of the past guide us in shaping the minds of tomorrow. 

To book places for all or any of the training available, contact Julia Small
(0191) 424 6336