George & Robert Stephenson

George & Robert Stephenson

The world’s first steam locomotive railways began here in the North East! 

Local engineers George and Robert Stephenson were at the heart of new innovations in railway and steam locomotive design.  Find out all about their fascinating lives in this box full original and replica artefacts developed for Key Stage 1 and 2.

Contents List:

George Stephenson five pound note 
George Stephenson's cottage postcard
Blackbird puppets X 2
Newcastle Coal District Map extracts, 1847 
Coal staithes image
Newcomen pumping engine image
Ink well, feather pen and letter
Sundial cottage image
Miner’s safety lamp
Stephenson’s lamp and Davy’s lamp image
Newcastle Coal District Map extract, 1847
Horse and wagon model
Billy Locomotive image
Model railway tracks
Hetton Colliery, lithograph by J.D Harding, c. 1822
Opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1825 by Terence Tenison Cuneo
Robert Stephenson portrait
Donkey model
Surveying equipment- measuring tape and compass
Stephenson Works image
Iron and Coal postcard (William Bell Scott, 1861)
Rules and Regulations… in the employ of Robert Stephenson and Co. 
Entrance to the tunnel of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, Edge Hill, 1829
Rocket model
Copper tubes
Bradshaw’s Railway Map, 1839
Pocket watch
High Level Bridge image
Whitby seaside poster
Large puppet (Either George or Robert)

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