This box contains...

A fascinating collection of original World War Two artefacts, music of the era and wartime film footage set in the North East. Each box comes with object information written by local people who lived during the war. Please note that box contents may vary.

German map of the Tyne with intended targets
Tynemouth Air Raid Warden map
Public warning poster
Black out lamp
Kenton Bunker WAAFs
Black out material
Home Guard manual
Gas mask image
Ration book
Purse with two coins
Clothing coupons
Liberty bodice
Brownie camera and photos
Darning mushroom and thread
Knitted cardigan
'Food from the garden' booklet
Cigarette card
Daily sketch
Lotto game
Play cup and saucers
Christmas card
Northern Cavalry campaign map
Photo of 13th/18th Hussars training with tanks
Prisoner of war diary extract

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