WWII Evacuee's Suitcase

This box contains...

What was it like to be a child evacuated during World War Two? What did they pack to go away? Each of our suitcases is full of original war time objects which evoke a child's experience of leaving home and family with just the bare essentials.

The suitcase is a fantastic resource - the children enjoyed thinking about who the suitcase belonged to and imagining the story behind it. It made history come to life!
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

Evacuee’s suitcase
Boys’ favourite book
The Scout magazine
Soft toy
Lotto game
Ration book
Large purse including 4 coins
Tank top
Tin of treasures (12 cigarette cards, 3 family photos, 2 flags, 2 marbles, 2 metal buttons, die)
‘Britain in the Blitz’ book and CD
Evacuee’s letter home
LNER Evacuation details for Newcastle and Gateshead
German map of the Tyne with intended targets

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