Roman Britain: Hadrian's Wall

This box contains...

Discover about life on and around Hadrian’s Wall with this superb collection of objects based on original Roman artefacts found in the North East. 

You’ll explore the route of the Wall, how the frontier system worked, key features of fort design and how Roman soldiers lived alongside native Britons. 

Divided into 7 sub-themes, the box is ideal for carousel work in small groups.

1. The Frontier System

1.1 'Building the Wall' by Ronald Embleton
1.2 Building Inscription 
1.3 Curtain wall image
1.4 Hadrian's Wall map
1.5 Fort plan
1.6 Milecastle image
1.7 Turret image
1.8 Vallum image

2. Roman Soldiers

2.1 Roman replica helmet
2.2 Roman solider costume
2.3 Gladius sword model
2.4 Silver denarius
2.5 'Where did the army of Hadrian's Wall come from?' map.

3. Arbeia Roman Fort

3.1 Arbeia Roman Fort image and Hadrian's Wall map
3.2 Arbeia Roman Fort west gate image
3.3 Arbeia Roman Fort granary image
3.4 Cat skeleton fragments (original)
3.5 Arbeia Roman Fort Commanding Officer's House image
3.6 Regina tombstone 3D model
3.7 Tile fragment (original) 
3.8 Mortarium fragment (original)

4 Segedunum Roman Fort

4.1 Segedunum Roman Fort layout and generic fort plan
4.2 Bone lever
4.3 '1st century cavalryman' image by Ronald Embleton
4.4 Oil lamp
4.5 Key ring
4.6 Statue of Fortuna image
4.7 Trumpet brooch
4.8 Animal bones

5. Vindolanda Roman Fort

5.1 Hadrian's Wall map
5.2 Vindolanda writing tablet postcard
5.3 Roman sandals and Vindolanda shoe photograph
5.4. Comb
5.5 Arrowhead
5.6 Hairpin
5.7 Melon bead

6. Cilurnum Roman Fort
6.1 Hadrian's Wall map
6.2 Chesters satellite image
6.3 Alter model
6.4 Strigil
6.5 Sponge stick and Roman latrine image 
6.6 Dice

7. Condercum Roman Fort

7.1 Condercum Fort image and Hadrian's Wall map
7.2 Temple to Antenociticus image
7.3 Vallum crossing and gateway image
7.4 Pottery fragments (original) 

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