This box contains...

This archaeology box will introduce the key concepts of the archaeological process through step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how archaeologists find out about our past.

Use the textile banner to understand the stratigraphy of our landscape and explore real artefacts dating from the Stone Age through to the modern day or find out about a local female Archaeologist Gertrude Bell. This box will support the Stone Age to Iron Age topic or could be used to introduce your students to chronology.




Pocket tape measure  

Tooth brush  

Round handed brush 

Magnifying glasses

Map of ancient Britain

Textile Stratigraphy banner 

Stone Axe head  

Flint Arrow head  

Pot boiling stone  

Mortarium fragment  

Samian Ware fragments 

Oil lamp  

Animal bones  

Roof tile  

Dragonesque brooch


Pilgrim badge

Iron slag waste

Fleur de Lis tile



Clay pipe  

Food packaging and bottle top 


Wooden spinning top  

Gertrude Bell information pack

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