Iron Age

This box contains...

The Iron Age people were settlers who farmed their land for crops and lived off the plants and animals around them.

Use this Box of Delights to support your Stone Age to Iron Age topic. Find out what food these people ate, what medicines they used and why they gave offerings to their gods. Have a go at spinning wool and try on an Iron Age costume.

Hare or pig brooch
Arrowhead on a broken shaft
Child's leather shoe
Votive head
Small votive shield
Spindle, whorl and wool
Leather bracelet
Celtic script on pewter
Knife with antler handle
Bone pin
Bone needle and thread
Penannular brooch
Wool scarf
Cosmetic implement
Medical instrument
Bone craft tool
Mask of deity
Black burnished ware pot
Bone comb
Leather game and glass counters
Male and female costume
Scented cubes
Images of Arbeia

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